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Who We Are

Autism Speaks Canada is enhancing lives tod​ay and accelerating a spectrum of solutions for tomorrow.

Autism Speaks was founded in the U.S. in 2005, with Autism Speaks Canada becoming incorporated a year later. Since inception, both charities continue to make extraordinary contributions in North America. The autism landscape has seen considerable change and we have listened and learned from our community; evolving along the way. Autism Speaks Canada continues to collaborate with the autism community to enhance lives today and accelerate a spectrum of solutions for tomorrow.

To build inclusive communities
where autistic Canadians can reach their full potential.

Listening to our community is essential to our mission. Today, we are proud to hold the highest Share of Voice (SOV) among autism organizations in Canada. Additionally, we are the most well-liked brand in the non profit space in Canada. We are thankful to the autism community and all our followers for trusting us as we provide a reliable and authentic voice for and with the autism community in Canada.

Autism Speaks Canada is the most well-liked brand in the autism non profit space in Canada. 96%* of Canadians score us with Positive and Neutral sentiments.

* source: Meltwater Media Coverage, Jan 11, 2020 ** The industry average for positive to neutral sentiments is 80% over time. Source: Lithium research, 2018

Autism Speaks Canada ranks highest* in Share of Voice** compared to other autism organizations in Canada.

* * Source: Cision All Coverage Search, Aug 29, 2019. **Share of voice (SOV) is a measure of the market your brand owns compared to your competitors.

Every year over 10,000* people from the autism community participate in our walks, making it the largest and #1 autism walk program in Canada.

* *Autistic Canadians, registered walkers, team members, guests of walkers, vendors, volunteers, exhibitors, performers

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion

At Autism Speaks Canada we value inclusivity and diversity; as well as respect individuals’ personal decision to self-identify or disclose their autism diagnosis. There are self-identified autistic individuals on our board of directors, staff, advisory committees and as volunteers. We are proud of our diverse first person representation at all levels of decision making. We believe in social inclusion and uphold the values of GBA+. We are actively collaborating and working with rural, urban, and indigenous communities across Canada.

Reimagined Autism Speaks Canada in action

To reflect our commitment to diversity and inclusion, our iconic blue puzzle piece has been redesigned to include a spectrum of colors. The new more colorful logo signifies the diversity of perspectives and experiences with autism spectrum disorder and highlights our deepened commitment to inclusivity. Each element of the redesign is created to reflect not only our evolution as a charitable organization, but our vision for the future.

And while our mission remains the same, we invite you to re-download and get reacquainted with our work through some of our most commonly-accessed materials in our press room section.

Our birthday wish: A kinder,
more inclusive world

We want to celebrate with you. Celebrating a birthday or know someone that is? Visit and provide your information to receive a special shout out from your friends at Autism Speaks Canada. We hope that this effort, together with our more inclusive look, will fuel an atmosphere of kindness that can last for many more years to come. And we invite you to join us. Please donate to Autism Speaks Canada so we can continue to promote solutions, across the spectrum and throughout the life span, for the needs of people with autism and their families.

"Over the years, we have heard from the vast and diverse autism community — from our supporters to our critics, and from those whose autism is their greatest strength to those for whom autism can be a daily challenge. This new look aims to highlight the depth, breadth and infinite differences along the autism spectrum and to show our commitment to listening, evolving and reflecting those we serve."

Jill Farber, Executive Director

Our Impact

We are fiscally responsible, sustainable, and transparent.
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