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Toys “R” Us Developmental Playpacks

Toys “R” Us Canada is a proud supporter of Autism Speaks Canada. Together they have raised over $10 million in their 10 years of partnership; making a significant impact by improving access to programs and helping increase understanding and acceptance of people with autism across Canada. In celebration of their 10-year partnership, Toys “R” Us Canada has launched their first developmental play packs, specifically designed for kids with autism to help encourage developmental skills such as cognitive development, fine and gross motor skills, social and emotional development, speech and language development all through play.

There are six different kinds of developmental and outdoor play packs specially designed for kids with autism. Designed in collaboration with ONTABA, the Ontario Association for Behaviour Analysis, fostering a culture of excellence, integrity, and expertise for the advancement and promotion of the science of behaviour analysis:

1. Earlier
Learner play
2. Learning is
Fun play pack
3. Progressive
Learner play
4. Continued
Learning play
5. Outdoor
Activity play
6. Outdoor
Adventure play packs

Results of our playpacks to date

10% of sales from all Developmental Play Packs are donated to Autism Speaks Canada. In 2020, $1,992 were raised through this initiative. Playpacks are currently not for sale.

"Every child deserves to have the opportunity to learn and develop through play. Toys “R” Us is proud to partner with Autism Speaks Canada and is thrilled to offer play packs that help with key developmental skills."

-Shelley MacDonald, Associate Vice President of Merchandising.

Stories from our community

Meet members of our community who loved the playpacks.

Meet Aiden

Aiden from Maple, Ontario played with the Progressive Learner Developmental Play Pack and absolutely loves it! With the Progressive Learner Development Pack, Aiden could work on his numbers, counting and adding.

Meet Brody

Brody from Edmonton, Alberta is so excited to open all the surprises in the box! With the Progressive Learner Development Pack, Brody is engaged in imaginary play which can sometimes be tough for a child on the spectrum.

Meet Blake

Blake from Lachute, Quebec was so excited to open his Outdoor Activity Play Pack. Blake loves throwing the boomerangs and having his dog, Snoopy, bring them back to him when he throws them a little too hard. This definitely keeps him busy during COVID-19.