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Meet our Walk Call Centre Team: Marc, Jonathan, and Agathe

At Autism Speaks Canada, we remain committed to diversity and inclusion. Please welcome our 2023 autistic staff members who are joining our Walk team in a part- time capacity.   Both Agathe & Jonathan are new to the team and Marc is returning for a third year.  Each brings a diverse background of professional and personal experiences.

“We are very proud of the work our Walk Call Centre Team is doing in support of the Walk.  The Walk Call team has been sharing details about the walk for the past 3 years, and reaches out to over 1000 walk households coast to coast to coast.  All members of this team are proud autistic Canadians and bring a diverse and unique voice to our walk program.  We value inclusivity within our workforce, and we are delighted such skilled members of the workforce chose to be part of Autism Speaks Canada’s family. We are happy to continue bringing a first-person perspective in all things Walk.”

Melanie Haydon, National Director, Walk and Community Events

Our Walk Call Centre is now open, and the team will be making courtesy calls over the coming weeks between 3:00pm and 8:30pm EST.  As our ongoing supporters, we are counting on you to please give them a warm welcome when they call.

We invite you to learn more about them:  

Meet Marc

This is Marc’s 3rd year as a member of the Walk Call Team.  Marc has an impressive background in demolition and restoration.  He is very polite and dependable. His interests include hockey and golf. He loves all things Prince Edward Island.

Meet Jonathan

Jonathan is from Montreal and likes to read, play board games, spend time with my friends. He enjoys outdoor activities like cycling or snowshoeing.

Meet Agathe

Agathe is from Montreal, Quebec. In her spare time, she likes discovering new people, places and cultures. She enjoys helping those in need.

At Autism Speaks Canada, we advocate for inclusive workplaces and providing meaningful employment opportunities for people on the spectrum. We are grateful to IT Talent Placement and multi-disciplinary team in Quebec for this recruitment, coaching and onboarding. 

We hope our new team members inspire other employers and people on the spectrum and help build an inclusive Canada where autistic people can reach their full potential.

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