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Autism Speaks Canada Language Guide

There are always topics in any community that aren’t universally agreed upon and the autism community is no different. Because autism is considered a “spectrum disorder,” that means that each person on the spectrum largely has an experience uniquely their own.

One topic that often quickly turns into a debate is how we talk about autism. There are two ways we typically do this: “person-first language” and “identity-first language.”

We’ve compiled some helpful resources to navigate language around autism:

Autism Speaks Canada Language Guide

Autism Speaks Podcasts

Autism Speaks has developed a podcast, “Autism POVs”. The goal of "Autism POVs" podcast is to inspire the autism community, spark dialogue and make society a more understanding and accepting place for people with autism and their families. In this episode you’ll hear from a variety of perspectives throughout the autism community, from autistic adults to parents and professionals.

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