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Facebook Fundraisers

More than 14 million Canadians check their Facebook newsfeed each day - why not use it to raise funds for Autism Speaks Canada?

Facebook has enabled thousands of people to raise money for causes they care about through their social media accounts. Raising money on Facebook is very easy to do, and it automatically connects you to family members and friends who may want to support your efforts. Whether you’re hosting a fundraiser in honour of a loved one, for your birthday, to recognize a milestone like a wedding or graduation, or simply because you want to help make a difference, Facebook has become a great tool for helping you change lives!

Facebook has detailed instructions on how to set up a fundraiser and give through Facebook. When you decide to fundraise on Facebook, be sure to select Autism Speaks Canada when choosing a charity to support. Note, if you select “Autism Speaks” the funds raised will support USA initiatives.