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Help us improve the lives of autistic Canadians and their families. Every gift counts and helps make a difference. Planning your giving to Autism Speaks Canada provides valuable support to our mission while allowing you to fulfill your philanthropic goals. Want to know how your donations are used? Have a look at our annual and financial reports.

Your gift, no matter the amount will have a lasting impact for the 1 in 66 children and youth in Canada and create understanding and acceptance for 70 million people worldwide with autism. Together, we can create a kinder, more inclusive world where all people with autism can reach their full potential.

How We Help

Since 2010

$5 M

to more than
280 organications
across Canada
promoting collaboration
and building capacity


downloaded M-CHAT
risk assessment tool
for children
16-30 months

Empowered parents and
cargivers with the

Skills Training Program

for autistic

indicating autism
can be reliably diagnosed

below age 3

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