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Tribute Giving

Donate in honour or in memory of someone near and dear to your heart. With a tribute gift you can make a one-time donation or create a memorial or celebration fund.

Celebrate With Us

Celebrate your birthday, wedding, anniversary, graduation or other celebratory milestone or occasion in your life with us. Here’s how:

Weddings & Anniversaries

Invite us to be a part of your wedding or Anniversary Party! In lieu of favours make a donation to Autism Speaks Canada and receive a tax receipt. In exchange ASC will provide a custom digital certificate that can be printed and displayed at your wedding/anniversary party. Or consider creating a wedding celebration page in lieu of wedding presents.

Start A Facebook Fundraiser

Facebook has enabled thousands of people to raise money for causes they care about through their social media accounts. Raising money on Facebook is very easy to do, and it automatically connects you to family members and friends who may want to support your efforts.

Host a BIRTHDAY PARTY with Echoage

Experience the joy of helping others. No more hit-or-miss presents. Guests love the convenience of super easy, stress free online gifting, no shopping required! Funds received are split with Autism Speaks Canada.

Birthday Gift Donations

A great alternative in lieu of buying gifts and gift cards - why not make a birthday donation in honour of the special person! All donations are tax receiptable and the the recipient will receive a e-birthday card aknowledging your gift.

Other Milestones

Invite us to be a part of your graduation, baptism, Bar Mitzvah….! Honour the special occasion with a donation to Autism Speaks Canada. Create a celebration fund page in lieu of gift or just to help others as part of the celebration.

Our Impact

Our impact would not be possible without the support of our partners. Great partnerships make great things happen.

Invested $9.8 million in science grants and fellowships

Partnered to deliver over 6,900 sensory-friendly events

Nearly 17,500 tool kits downloaded by families and professionals

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