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Life on the Spectrum

A spectrum of voices united for autism awareness and acceptance

Community Profile Category: Self advocates

Meet Gurlall

Gurlall is an autistic Canadian and a successful graduate from the EmploymentWorks program Vancouver, BC. Gurlall got a job at London Drugs through this program.

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Meet Sarah & Darren

Sarah is a proudly autistic indigenous Canadian and is interviewed with her dad Darren.   Tell us about Sarah?  Sarah loves unconditionally, so she’s very friendly,

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Meet Marcus

I believe the Walk is extremely significant for the community to raise awareness, understanding, and acceptance, as well as much needed funds. I look forward

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Meet Caelum

My autism superpowers have allowed me to excel at using technology and building things. Caelum is a funny, smart, and creative boy. He is 9

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Meet Dylan

Dylan is so blessed to have a very strong support system. He has a large group of family and friends who are always there and

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Meet Abi

My parents call me their sunshine because I am always happy and smiling. They have introduced me to lots of programs that have helped me

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Meet Abigale

It took almost four long years for Abby to receive her diagnosis, as apparently girls are more difficult and often missed, or misdiagnosed, as Abby

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