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Community Profile Category: Caregivers

Chaim and Rachel

Meet Chaim

Can you tell us about Chaim’s diagnosis? Chaim was born prematurely and was developmentally delayed. A friend of ours also has a child with autism recommended getting him looked at and

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Meet Samantha

As a Board Member of Autism Speaks Canada, it means the world to me to give back to families and individuals with autism and help

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Meet Betty-Anne and Tiffany

Meet our wonderful volunteers, Betty-Anne and Tiffany from Montreal, Quebec. This mother daughter team have been volunteering with Autism Speaks Canada since 2017. They continue

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Meet Lindsay

Lindsay celebrated the inclusiveness of these screenings for her family, who all enjoyed watching The Secret Life of Pets 2 in London, Ontario. Thanks to

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Meet Shawna

This cause is very near and dear to my heart because I want the world to see as much potential in these children as I

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Meet Joanne

Both Ivan and I would like anyone to know that being diagnosed is a relief. It gives one the ability to focus on what works

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Meet the Ferraro Family

A respected registered insurance broker and philanthropist, Gianni (John) Ferraro exemplifies a strong commitment to his business and his community. John built a successful business

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