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bubly sparkling water

Autism Speaks Canada bubly Smile Stands

Join us by hosting an Autism Speaks Canada bubly Smile Stand in your community this summer — at home on your front lawn, sidewalk or online. We will send you everything you need to host a fun Autism Speaks Canada bubly Smile Stand in a FREE bubly Smile Stand kit.

Bubly sparkling water cans

bubly Smile Stands bring family, friends, and communities together to raise autism awareness, acceptance, and promote kindness and inclusivity. The sale of bubly raises money in support of our mission. There are two socially distant, safe and family friendly ways you can register and host a bubly Smile Stand:

Self-Serve bubly Smile Stand

Set up a socially-distanced bubly Smile Stand in your drive-way, front lawn, or place of business. Establish safe physical distancing by placing the bubly stand 6-10 feet away and creating a separate “self-serve” payment area for your customers. Find out more details in our handbook.

Online bubly Smile Stand

A new online option has been developed to take extra caution. Ask your friends and neighbours to participate by purchasing a bubly through your online bubly Smile Stand. To do this, you as the host will need to print and distribute the bubly Smile Stand flyer to your neighbours. Just like shopping online, your neighbours can submit an order and also make a donation on your bubly stand event page. Find out more details in our handbook.