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Join Autism Speaks Canada University

Autism Speaks Canada U is a program that supports students, faculty and alumni in their awareness and fundraising efforts for Autism Speaks. Chapters follow the lead of their Presidents and Vice Presidents, who are made up of students on the spectrum, students who have family members or friends on the spectrum, and students who want to make a difference in the autism community.

Why Join?

Joining or starting an Autism Speaks Canada University club will help you learn to serve as a leader and advocate for autism on campus and in the local community. Here’s why you should join the Autism Speaks Canada University family:
  • Gain professional experience for your resume and earn volunteer hours.
  • Acquire skills in marketing, fundraising, event planning, volunteer development and community outreach.
  • Connect with leaders and experts on autism for advice, ideas and future opportunities.
  • Help Autism Speaks Canada change the future for all individuals with autism.
  • Collaborate with other Autism Speaks Canada U students from schools nationwide.
To bring an Autism Speaks Canada University to your campus, complete the application form below.

Autism Speaks Canada U Application