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    The Look at Me Project

    Autism Speaks Canada in partnership with Samsung Canada is donating 200 tablets to individuals with autism across Canada.  

    Learn more here!


    Autism Prevalence Rates Rise to 1 in 68.

    The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has released new information about the rates of autism.  

    Read about the new facts here.




    MSSNG is a groundbreaking collaboration between Google and Autism Speaks to create the world’s largest genomic database on autism.

    Find out more.  Click here.


    Renowned Canadian geneticist Dr. Stephen Scherer, Ph.D., has been named Director of AUT10K

    Scherer will head the world’s largest database of complete genomic information on individuals with ASD and their families.

    View the press release here!


    Autism Speaks Family Services and ATN/ AIR-P Tool Kits

    Check out all the latest additions to our tool kit page!




    2013 Family Services Community Grants

    Our Family Services Community Grants for 2013 have now been announced.

    Click here to see the list!

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